Hi, I’m Rebekah

I serve words with sauce.

(Glazed or on the side?)

Naturally balanced with Personality, Conviction, & Spice

Now in sweet, savory, and OMG🔥 delight

Born and raised in the biodiverse Belize by a feisty family, I’ve learned…

That choices show who you truly are, far more than your abilities.

Everyone has a story that someone needs to hear.

Trust your instincts.

Care about others, including yourself.

And the smallest action makes the biggest change.

It started out with a…

Kid. YEP — you read that right. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

I’m a med student turned psychology grad who ended up in copywriting and content strategy.

My feisty family raised me to love my neighbors, so naturally, a profession in caring made sense.

But I just couldn’t shake this nagging feeling—nothing I did felt right.

Unlike my colleagues who wanted to relive medical dramas, I wanted to be the one telling the story without the predictable theatrics.

With shifted priorities, I made the choice to start as a Virtual Assistant to pave my own dang road.

Side quests

A linear story is predictable at best. Your story is yours to make, so make it excitng.

My first gig as a VA earned me a contribution in the International Best Seller, The Voyage and The Return, which held the #1 Best Seller rank in 13 categories at launch.

Working on this book with so many talented women shifted my perspective on powerful storytelling.

I decided to dive into ghostwriting, which supported my belief—everyone has a story.

And ghostwriting taught me that not every story needs to be a book, but there’s always someone that needs to hear your story.

Because around this time, random strangers reached out to say my chapter contribution saved their lives.

Wanting to help more people, I soon learned about copywriting. It was a Careless Whisper moment for my career because I finally knew what that belief meant.

Queue montage for getting certified by 2022’s Marketer of the Year, meticulously picking mentors, and learning branding, brand voice, SEO & content strategy—yeah, it was a looong but fun set of quests!

Copywriting Quest Line

Copywriting opened the gateway to fulfilling a lifelong question:

what the heck am I gonna do with my life?

When I learned copywriting existed, the wealth of knowledge overwhelmed me.

So naturally, I questioned everything.

The glamorous success stories that brought me in were just that, stories.

Glamor, I learned, hides the hard work. So I showed up, asked questions, and did the dang work.

My clients in the beginning asked me to write them copy because of my background in psychology and ghostwriting.

It made logical sense.

But I explained, “It won’t be that great because I’m new.”

And you know what? They put their trust in me, so I trusted my instincts and wrote.

Their copy pieces converted—earning them more engagement than they ever had and increasing their profits, not just revenue.

I wish I knew better back then and asked for metrics!

A Twist of Events

Spending time with awesome heart-centered and insanely successful entrepreneurs started as a smart move, but it turned into a marathon I did not train for.

Most of my peers and colleagues were miles ahead, and my legs started to melt into the entrepreneur pavement I stood on.

I didn’t move.

And burning out turned into frequent sprint events I didn’t want to win the blue ribbon for.

While being a copywriter allowed me to care for others—and most importantly, gifted me the freedom to enjoy motherhood—I forgot to take care of myself.

The postpartum depression I tried to ignore would come back, work dried up, and everything I built fell apart.

What the heck was the point of that epic montage!?

Whether you believe in cosmic phenomena or not, the universe didn't allow me to serve others until I learned to serve myself. And at this point, I didn’t even recognize myself.

Swallowing my pride, I did the dang thing… and I took care of myself.

Taking time to nurture myself helped me overcome depression. But above all, it allowed me to care for others so much better.

Saucing the Road

A wise person once said, “Being an entrepreneur is personal development on steroids.”

(only take when prescribed by a certified professional)

By using direct response marketing and brand storytelling, I gave my clients the results they looked for. However, the nagging feeling returned.

Instead of starting over, I merged my skills with branding, ghostwriting, and content strategy to create a peculiar approach.

Because the smallest action makes the biggest change.

The results my clients got were awesome sauce.

🌶️One client started ranking on the first page of Google after implementing branded content strategy.

🌶️Another client gained tremendous brand clarity, after almost two decades worth of brand identity shifts, which helped her net increased profits and launch a mastermind.

🌶️And, I cleaned up another client’s sales page which earned her at least 3x the revenue she earned prior to working with me.

I also noticed that many entrepreneurs needed help learning marketing and telling their stories. So I launched a Storytelling Marketing Mentorship (lame name, I know) to teach Saucy Marketing.

Everyone has a story that needs to be heard by the right person, including you.

So, are you in?


Peculiar FAQ

Yes, these are questions I’ve been asked.

Why Peculiar?

Why not?

Okay, okay.

As someone who despises the cookie-cutter mentality, I wanted to do something more than expected.

You could argue that that’s the definition of being unique or authentic.

To be peculiar means to be unusual, eccentric, and, sometimes, outlandish. And the Old English definition means, “belonging to one person.”

You have to admit, The Authentic Writer doesn’t have the same ring.

Do you do design?

Short answer, no.

But, I do have trusted partners and referrals for design.

What makes you different? Besides being peculiar.

Fun. I don’t believe in doing anything or working with anyone that isn’t fun.

That being said, not everything has to be playtime at the park.

What I do is fun, and clients that have big dreams are fun.

It’s all in the context.

What’s your Peculiar Approach?

Sugar, spice, and everything nice—aka saucy.

I use a combination of modern marketing, artistic storytelling and science, especially psychology.


Your brand already has all the ingredients to cook up something great.

✔ Your brand story

✔Customer feedback

✔ A great offer

I'll come in and review what you have plus do:

👉Competitor Analysis

👉Necessary interviews

👉Sizzle your UVP

Slay the cursed blinking cursor of doom on the blank page battlefield!


Craft copy that’s written with your brand voice using your unique offerings, proven marketing techniques & formulas.

Tweak and perfect your copy until it’s something you can’t wait to share with everyone—gotta give them something delicious to crave!

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