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Hey, I'm Rebekah

You're here because your brand's message isn't hitting the mark. I get it. I started as a fresh freelance writer (and a new mom), determined to break free from the traditional and create something impactful and meaningful.

With a love for psychology and a knack for storytelling, I turn outdated messages into bold, clear copy that boosts confidence, grabs attention, and gets results.

My goal is to help visionaries and leaders craft empathetic, high-converting copy using modern marketing strategies and storytelling psychology to amplify your brand with your unique sauce—aka your strengths.

Stop playing small and make your brand unstoppable.

You’ve got the vision. I’ve got the copy strategy.

Let's turn heads, connect, and convert.


Jenny Rodriguez

The Coding Cat Creatives

"I consulted with Rebekah on rewriting the copy on my website and the copy that I wrote myself wasn't appealing to my target audience and it lacked personality. However, Rebekah worked her copywriting magic and transformed my word-vomit-of-a-website copy, into copy that is on brand, persuasive, and was full of my personality. She took the time and effort to create copy that was on point with my brand and did her research to make sure that the copy speaks to my target audience. She was super organized, turned everything in a timely manner, and was pleasant to work with. She went above and beyond, and the copywriting process was seamless from start to finish. I'm very satisfied with the new website copy and can't wait to show it off to my prospective clients. I cannot recommend Rebekah enough!"

Jennifer Corn

Desk & Pen

“I reached out to Rebekah to see if she could complete some content writing for a project I was working on. Rebekah communicated with me to ensure that she had the firm grasp of what was needed for this project.

She completed the project in a timely manner and was lovely to work with. I appreciate her attention to detail

and highly recommend her work.”

Jessi Engelke

One Stone Solutions

Rebekah really knows her stuff! She is a gifted writer, teacher, and mentor. I have a hard time with marketing and, her formulas helped me understand concepts better than other resources I've tried using.

Your Brand Deserves Better

When your message falls on deaf ears—or blind eyes—it’s frustrating!

You’ve poured your heart, soul, time, and, maybe, the kitchen sink into your business. Yet, your words don't connect you with your audience. So they aren’t engaging.

Every time you write something, it gets lost, making your vision fade. It sucks!

The problem isn't that you lack passion. It’s that your brand messaging is holding you back from reaching the people who need you most.

And, hear me out, it’s a disservice to those who need you.

Modern marketing and storytelling psychology cuts through the mumbo-jumbo clutter. When the right people listen, every word is heard, felt AND acted upon.

So stop relying on generic advice and cookie-cutter templates. Get a marketing strategy and copy that drives action.

You aren't mediocre. So let’s make your message reflect tha and be impossible to ignore.


I’ve had the pleasure of writing website copy, sales funnels, and email campaigns for radical brands, from personal and professional development coaches to analytical and AI brands, sharing transformative ideas, events, and programs that change lives.

If you’re crafting something sensational, I’d love to help you get your message out there!

Contact me to get started. See the difference saucy copy makes.


Over the years, I noticed one thing over 90% of my clients were missing—a modern brand foundation. Many had done the work years ago. And like yourself, your brand evolves over time.

So I developed a program based on modern marketing, branding, psychology, storytelling, and a heck of a lot of TLC.

Want a strong brand foundation and create a powerful story? I'd love to help you!

Join the waitlist and build your brand empire.


Every powerful brand needs strong copy that converts. My thorough copy critiques are designed with a 10-point No-Nonsense map to elevate your messaging.

Whether you need your website, launch email sequence, funnel, or sales page looked at, you'll receive a comprehensive explanation video, breaking down every recommendation to easily implement improvements with confidence.

Schedule your critique and start seeing results.

Peculiar because you're you.

Why a peculiar writer?

BA in Psychology — gotta know people’s minds inside out.

SEO Expertise — because let’s be real, it updates a bunch!

Brand Obsessed — someone who takes time to know you AND your brand

Introverted — approaches marketing differently and does customer research undercover

International Best-Selling Author in 13 categories — hey, my lucky number!

Client Satisfaction — seriously, if you aren’t happy, I’m not either.

Rebekah Meredith

The Peculiar Writer

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